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Dear All,

As J.R.R. Tolkien would phrase it “the pieces are moving” towards Brexit, so as a matter of fact, making the right choice sooner than later, presents itself.

Hence, UK related businesses should carefully examine and consider the option of Cyprus, as the end game is under way.

The Republic of Cyprus has also as a matter of fact, survived the bail-in / “haircut” of 2013 and the Troika Memorandum, there is already a national budget surplus before debt repayment, unemployment rate is steadily falling, there is reasonable growth and the rating agencies are, slowly but surely upgrading us, whilst we maintain our EU Member State status since 2004. The legal system of Cyprus is a Common Law one, courtesy of being a British Colony between 1878 until 1960 and our country is an active member of the Commonwealth respectively.

Last but not least, kindly note the following facts as well:

There is more than a quarter of a million Cypriots living in the UK and almost 15,000 Cypriot students enrolled in British Universities. 100.000 Britons live in Cyprus and/or maintain a holiday home or business address here and more than 1.000.000 British tourists visit Cyprus every year. Our weather is unparalleled and your business opportunities through Cyprus remain second to none.

We look forward to assisting you in making the right choice for your family and your business in our professional capacity by visiting our website as per below and sending us your specific inquiry or instructions at our firm’s address as per below.

Best regards,

Alexandros G. Ioannides

Managing Partner of Alexandros G. Ioannides & Associates

Advocates & Legal Consultants

Acquisition International “Leading Adviser of the year award for Cyprus” 2016&2017

(AI Global Media Ltd - International Publishing Group / Wealth & Finance INTL).

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